Our Story

Wait, where are they telling me to put my socks?

Put a Sock on it started with an idea back in 2018 by Mat Lowater, a guy with constant sock problems, forever picking up odd socks with holes, getting to soccer games late forgetting his socks for a record 8th week in a row.

It was time to quit the love/hate relationship and make things right.

He just wanted quality socks, no holes and to have enough style that he can’t forget them no matter the occasion.

With a background in design and a love of anything sport related, his socks had definitely seen better days! There was such a lack of good options for the everyday man that didn’t scream BORING, or a need to take out a small fortune.

We started the conversation about socks being a part of the fashion essentials, we no longer wanted to hear people say put a sock in it, but Put a Sock on it.

Step into the next era

Merino Wool, Bamboo, Cotton; you decide your own destiny.

In-built with stay up technology to show off your new fashion icons without having them slip down. They breathe easy, they don’t smell. They’ll now get the ladies saying ‘DAAAAAAAMN!’ for good reasons, not followed up with ‘who stinks?!’.

Try them out for yourself with our 14 day guarantee, who knows where they’ll take you.